Solving your child's
sleep problem



Tracy & Wayne, North Sheilds. Kale was 7 months old when I called Kristina, he had never slept for more than 4 hours at a time, he was waking every 1 - 2 hours through the night and my life was upside down with sleep deprivation.
By the 3rd night of Kristina’s sleep programme Kale had slept through. Now at 8 months old he sleeps 12 hours every night and has 2 good daytime naps.
Kristina has a talent for knowing what a baby wants and needs. She holds motherly instincts in high regard and never expected me to go against my 'gut’ feelings. She gave me the strength and self belief to make changes.
Talking with Kristina felt like talking with a friend, she is so approachable and understanding and with her knowledge, experience and expertise she changed my whole life around. (Tracy is happy to be contacted via e-mail to discuss her experience of lullababies

Natalie & Peter, Northumberland. A warm and friendly service that gives you the strength and confidence to follow your own instincts, and as parents, the ability to understand what our son needed. In doing so Lullababies has turned our 'bedtime horror' into a 'dream sleeper'. We would recommend Lullababies to anyone with a bad sleeper. 100% success, Totally fantastic! 

Sara, Whitley Bay .  Understanding, Encouraging, Motivating and Very supportive! Kristina has been great! From our initial meeting she always took the time to listen and understand my concerns. She made me realise the causes of Alfie's sleep problem and gave simple suggestions in order to put them right. As my husband worked away, I really struggled at times on my own, but Kristina was always there to offer support and motivation. My days beforehand were very 'chaotic' and Alfie was constantly 'ratty' due to being overtired. Now, Alfie is a happy little boy who enjoys nap times and I have a daily routine and structure to the day. Thank you so much, I don't know where I would have been without you!  

Danielle & Matthew, Gateshead .  Just wanted to say a big 'Thank you’ to Kristina for the big difference you have made to myself and Matthew’s life since you helped us get our daughter Ruby to sleep properly through the night instead of me rocking her to sleep or having her in the bed with us just because it was easier. It has made a huge difference to our lives as we now have time to ourselves on an evening instead of spending the evening trying to get Ruby off to sleep. Life seems so much easier know as we are no longer sleep deprived and are able to get on much better with our everyday lives. We also get to spend much more time with our oldest daughter on an evening and she now gets the one to one time she needs with her mammy and daddy. Thank you once again Kristina, you really are a life saver xxx   

Debbie Dixon, Gateshead . My daughter Libby is now 28 months and has been sleeping all night in her own room since she was 8 months... thanks to Kristina's help and knowledge. Just been camping for the first time with Libby and she still wanted to stick to her sleep routine and one night was in her sleeping bag fast asleep at 6pm and slept right to 6.30 with gale force winds howling round the tent. Thanks again Kristina 

Becky, Newcastle . Effective and supportive service from someone who knows the realities of sleep problems

Anon. Liverpool . Whether your babies sleep problem is big or small in comparison to others, it is big to you and affects your life. Lullababies changed our lives for the better. Now we go to bed relaxed rather than being anxious about the night ahead. We all sleep better.

Clare A. Hampshire. Kristina provided excellent support as we tried to implement changes to our son's sleep problems. She was always understanding and her solutions were practical and worked! 

Anon. Kristina helped us to understand about our baby’s sleep from his point of view. This has made it much easier to make changes to our behaviour and help him to learn to sleep better, which he has! Kristina is sensitive and generous with her time and worked an appropriate plan for out family. It felt as if we were being guided by a king and gentle hand over the three week programme. Things are 100% better than before. 

Debbie Dixon 33yrs Libby asleep, last week there is no way I could have sat and typed this.
My daughter Libby (8 months) started to wake during the night and once she was awake would not settle back down in her cot. My husband works away from home, so it was tempting to put her into bed with me while he was away, just so I could get some sleep. Just before Xmas I decided to put Libby into her own room in case I was disturbing her through the night and that was why she was waking. Unfortunately it wasn't, she just didn't want to be in her cot. After a couple of weeks I put her cot back into my room but then she wouldn't get in her cot at all without her screaming so much she was almost sick. This started to affect my relationship with my husband when he was at home.
Thankfully Kristina was there to help. She gave us step by step advice, and gave us the enthusiasm and confidence to start her new routine that night. My husband put Libby's cot back into her bedroom. The first night I was dreading but we did what Kristina said and amazingly Libby was asleep within half an hour but the 2nd and 3rd night I made the mistake of staying in the room too long with Libby. I rang Kristina and she new exactly what I had been doing and put me straight back on track. I followed the new advice and by the 2nd night she woke twice and went back to sleep after a little attention crying, by the 4th night she slept 7 till 7 and has done since.
My husband and I are so pleased with the outcome, especially me as I return to work soon after my maternity leave and know I will be getting good nights sleep. We couldn't have done it without the help and support from Kristina, she was there everyday for when I needed reassurance and if I know anyone in the same boat, she will be the first person I recommend.

Shelley Simpson 33yrs I'm a single mum of Yasmin.
When Yasmin was almost 6 months old we moved house. I'd been disturbing her in the night in our old house (where we shared a room), so I thought this a great opportunity for her to go into her own room. I didn't realise the immediate impact moving house and room would have on her. She had always woken during the night in our old house but I'd just gotten used to popping her dummy back in and she would usually go back to sleep with little fuss.
In her new room she started waking 3-4 times in the night and was more and more distressed. She always woke at 4am by which point I would give in through sheer tiredness and pop her in bed with me - just so I could get some sleep. After weeks of this I was like a walking zombie and Yasmin was getting pretty irritable during the day because she wasn't getting her sleep out.
I contacted Kristina using the phone support service and she immediately put me at ease and I was able to explain what was happening each night. In fact one night she stayed on the phone whilst Yasmin woke so she could hear what was going on. Within 2 weeks she helped me realise where I was going wrong and provided continued phone support until Yasmin and I were both getting a good nights sleep.
Kristina really takes time to listen to your issues and helps you understand why things are the way they are. I valued her opinions immediately because she is a senior healthcare professional with over 20 years experience. She works with you on your long term goals and empowers you to change with her support. Her method is not to leave the baby crying instead her method helps you work with your baby. With Kristina's help, Yasmin is both happy and content because she is sleeping well. Thank you Kristina you are worth every penny!